Thursday, April 12, 2012

Open for Bussiness

It has been to long since my last post and many changes have occurred here at Bittersweet! I will up you on some of what has been going on in our little corner of the coffee world.

We have opened a new location! Where you might ask? Downtown Oakland 1438 Broadway.

We are all moved in a running at full steam. Before that though there was about a month when the roaster was in flux. Our warehouse was closed but we were waiting on all the permitting for the new location. If it were not for Ritual Coffee Roasters and Steve Ford there may not have been any consistency during the moving/construction of the new space! By graciously allowing me a couple of hours a week on their Probat, I was able to avert tragedy and keep up with the needs of the cafe. This also kept us from having to go to an outside source for our coffee during the interim period, so a big thanks to them for saving our bacon...bean.

As I mentioned above the warehouse could no longer house the coffee and peripherals so I had to make other arrangements. "Safe" arrangments.

Enter the vault.

Pretty kewl don't you think.

I don't believe that anyone will be able to get at the coffee when I am not around.

While I am around however, I keep the door open thus allowing the coffeee to breath.

Do you think the coffee will ever be in a more secure location?

With the green coffee taken care of we move on the the roaster...

Next time.


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